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Crowd Safety and Mass Events Security course

Course Title Crowd Safety and Mass Events Security course
Course Description and or rational
Sports competitions, entertainment performances, political conventions and any type of mass crowd gathering, produce profound emotional experience on the one hand and sometimes even mixed feelings of brotherhood and rivalry on the other hand.
Understanding the enormous resonance, terrorist organizations may take advantage of these events to carry out attacks.
And beside the fact that mass events are sometimes the ultimate form of entertainment, there is also the potential for violence and civil disorder, to the substantial disruption of the event and risk for people safety and security.
Security is not an end in itself but a mean aimed to conduct the safe and secured routine of the event
  • To provide the participant with the tools for the planning and the managing of public safety and security.
  • To teach the various fields of crowd safety and mass events security:
    • Identifying and evaluating the risks and threats scenarios.
    • Understanding of crowd behavior in various types of events.
    • Planning crowd movement along the event: Entry, Convening and Exit.
    • Planning the Security of the sports teams and performers.
    • Preparation of a safety and security plan.
    • Formation of the Emergency Plan for the event.
    • International and common regulations for planning and managing public safety mass event.
  • To certify the course graduate as a Crowd Safety and Mass Events Security officer. 
Course Duration 90 - 150 studying hrs. = 9 - 15 training days.
Target Population Crowd safety managers, Event producers, Venue safety managers, Sports spectator managers, Local authority licensing officers, Tour safety managers, Festival and concert promoters, Police officers, Health and safety officers, Carnival organizers and medical services planners.

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