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 Risk analysis Seminar

Course Title Risk analysis Seminar
Course Description
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Risk analysis is the proactive managing process of defining and analyzing the threats and dangers to individuals, businesses and government agencies, posed by potential natural and human-caused adverse events. It is a methodology that enable us to identify the existence and to determine the origins of threats and the characteristics of risk factors, in order to determine the level of their admissibility and to recommend on the measures and processes that decreases it or neutralize the threats. Risk analysis includes the components of risk assessment, risk management and risk communication.
In this five days seminar we will demonstrate the sources of threats and risks, the processes of field data collection and the risk assessment on the one hand and how risk management is carried out on the other hand. The seminar includes demonstrations, discussions and case studies.
  • To demonstrate the sources and characteristics of threats and risks
  • To present the process of field data collection
  • To present the process of critical evaluation of organizations, infrastructures and facilities.
  • To teach the processes of analyzing of Threats, Vulnerabilities, Likelihood and Consequence
  • To introduce the making of the Risks Prioritization of
  • Present the decision-making and risk management process.
Course Duration 50 studying hrs. = 5 training days.

Target Population
Executives, COO's, Legal Officials, Security Managers.

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