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 Explosives and Weapon Detection Seminar

Course Title Explosives and Weapon Detection Seminar
Course Description
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Explosives and Weapon Detection Program prepares security officers and employees to serve on the front lines of the War on Terror, teaching them to locate and identify dangerous materials that may present a threat to publics, organization, transportation and systems. Just as important, they can quickly rule out the presence of dangerous materials in unattended packages, structures or vehicles, allowing the free and efficient flow of commerce.  
  • To familiarize the participants with the adversaries Modus Operandi in Smuggling and concealment of weapons and explosives. 
  • To teach suspicious signs and considerations for a body search or the possession of suspects and bystanders.
  • To teach methods for searching and spotting of bombs, explosives, and weapons on body and in luggage.
  • To teach the principles of the use of technologies and X-ray machines.
Course Duration 50 studying hrs. = 5 training days.

Target Population
Legal Officials, Security Managers, Security Officers etc.

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