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  Business and Competitive Intelligence Course

Course Title Business and Competitive Intelligence Course
Course Description
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The economy turns the wheels of human culture; business is the main engine of the economy; and in the world of business, as In the words of Francis Bacon "Knowledge itself is power" (as In the words of Francis Bacon).
Intelligence has two facets in the business world:
Business Intelligence (BI), which involves collecting and analyzing data about the market in which the corporation operates, as a basis for decision making in business matters; in other words, compiling information about the organization's business environment: alerts concerning new products, alternative products, mergers and acquisitions, new technologies, regulation, legislation and more. Primary importance is attributed to alerts concerning these issues, in order to enable the organization to react to them in a timely manner and maintain its competitive advantage.
Competitive intelligence (CI), which is defined as a "methodical and ethical plan for collecting and analyzing external information that may affect the company's plans, its decisions and its performance, and improve its competitive capabilities." The term "external information" relates to the company's competitors, their intentions, and modes of operation, capabilities and weaknesses.
The course in business and competitive intelligence provides the participants with tools enabling them to understand and direct business intelligence and commercial intelligence activities.
  • Provide the participants with knowledge and tools that will allow them to collect and concentrate the necessary information to refine the information and decision-making processes.
  • Present to executives and managers to the various environments relevant to the organization and carrying out strategic analysis methodologies
  • Teach the theory of competitive intelligence and relevant tools as they integrate business environment.
Course Duration 9 Days

Target Population
Executives, Business & Marketing Managers, COO's, Security Managers.

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