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Security Questioning Course

Course Title Security Questioning Course
Course Description
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Questioning is a primary tool for formulating the impression from people during the security check or during the treatment of suspects.
Questioning is not interrogation but "a directed and planned conversation, initiated and performed by the legal official or the security employee, in order to verify or to refute suspicious signs".
The course includes the basic study of the questioning principles and practices in questionings performing.
  • To teach the participants the principles of the BPR (Behavioral Pattern Recognition) security system.
  • To teach the participant the suspicious signs in a persons’ appearance, behavior, documents, and belongings.
  • Teach the principles of questioning.
  • Train and practice the participants carrying out questionings.
  • To certify the course graduate as a Security BPR and questionings experts.
Course Duration 9 Days
Target Population
Legal Official & Commanders, Security Managers, Security Officers, security officers and Security employees

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