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 Advanced Armed Security Officers Course 

Course Title Advanced Armed Security Officers Course 
Course Description
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Advanced Armed Security Officers Course comprises the full range of activities carried out by the Security Officer to ensure the security of the organization visitors, employees and vital assets, and to enable the organization to maintain its business operation. 
The course is designed to enhance the participants with security knowledge and combat capabilities, with and without weapons, to enable them to cope with adversaries in order to prevent them from harming crowds or interests of the organization.
This program includes all the content of the Armed Security Officers Course with much emphasis on the Proactive Operational Activity aimed to identifying suspects and to prevent risks. It also includes the preparation for the independent operating on task or arena.
  • To train participant as a Security Officer.
  • To train the participant to perform various tasks both individually and as part of a security team.
  • To train the participants fighting with weapons
  • To train the participants fighting without weapons “KRAV MAGA”
  • To teach the participants the various fields of professional security:
    • Installation security
    • Dignitary protection principles 
    • Events security 
    • Perimeter security
    • Access control 
    • Patrol and quick response
  • To teach the participant the operational activity in both routine and emergency situations.
  • To certify the course graduate as a Security Officer.
Course Duration 20 Days
Target Population Security Officers, Armed security officers etc.

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