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 Advanced Behavioral Pattern Recognition (BPR) Course

Course Title Advanced Behavioral Pattern Recognition (BPR) Course
Course Description  and or rational
This course is intended for security managers and commanders
BPR is a central method and tool for detection and security handling of suspicious persons or activities at the secured area.
This program includes the content of the BPR course with much emphasis on the Management of the Access Control, the Security Questioning, and the Operational Activity aimed to identifying suspects at the arena.
The BPR method is a highly effective component of the security layout.
Its purpose is to enable the free movement of persons working in or visiting the organization's facilities, while focusing attention on persons arousing suspicion of being involved in hostile activity – whether terror or criminal.
The course is a specialized security training program that encompasses behavioral pattern recognition and other concepts that have been proven highly successful through longstanding experience. The program emphasizes prevention and mitigation of man-made threats through the incorporation of superior, actionable security concepts.
We offer a unique training program with clear application to the operational environment. The training is effective against both criminal and terrorism-related threats and provides tools to prevent profiling of any type.
  • To train the participant to command over the security screening and access control operation.
  • To train the participant to detect suspicious movements and activities in the secured arena.
  • To teach the participant the suspicious signs in a persons’ appearance, behavior, documents, and belongings.
  • To train the participant to maintain security questioning.
  • To train the participant the access control screening operation.
  • To train the participants carrying out the search on the baggage, carryout and body of suspects.
  • To certify the course graduate as a Security BPR experts.
Course Duration 10 Days
Target Population
Security Managers, Legal Official Commanders, Security Officers etc.

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