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Urban Infrastructure Security Course

Course Title Urban Infrastructure Security Course
Course Description
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Security is not an end in itself but a means to enable organizations and companies to manage their daily routines, to secure their vital assets and to assure the personal security of employees, public and visitors utilizing their facilities.
This specialized course is designated to provide comprehensive, updated knowledge about the terror and criminal threats faced by the industry and organization, their assets and population, and to impart the operational concepts and the operative response that will effectively deal with these threats.
  • To teach the participants the various fields of security: 
  • Installation security
  • Events security 
  • Access control 
  • Patrol and quick response
  • Risk Analysis method
  • To teach the participant the operational activity in both routine and emergency situations.
  • To certify the course graduate as an Installation Security Manager or a Security Officer.
Course Duration 110 studying hrs. = 11 training days.
Target Population
Legal Official Commanders, Corporate Security Managers, Security Directors etc.

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