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 Employees Reliability Management Course

Course Title Employees Reliability Management Course
Course Description
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Employees are an organization's most important asset. However, if dishonest, through their accessibility to information, physical assets and money, which are essential to its economic and operational robustness, they have the capacity to cause immense damage.
Employees may also be tempted and recruited by business rivals interested in gaining a competitive advantage over the organization.
Studies reveal that approximately 70% of attacks involving theft or disclosure of information to unauthorized parties in the business sector are carried out by employees who have been granted access to an organization's information and/or systems in order to fulfill their function.
In the retail industry, for example, a recent U.S. National Retail Security Survey Report states that nearly 47% of all inventory shrinkage is due to employee theft, which reaches nearly $19 billion a year – 30% percent higher than losses accrued from shoplifting. Another study recently published by U.S. News & World Report found that 34% of employees in the 19-29 year age group believe that it's acceptable to steal from their employers. A senior loss prevention consultant has been quoted as saying that "one reason employee theft persists is that it has been given low priority by corporate executives."
It is therefore imperative that organizations' management teams utilize available means to identify the most suitable and reliable candidates for the various positions. These include subjective and objective tools to be implemented during the screening and recruitment process of new employees, which can also be implemented vis-à-vis existing employees.
  • To increase awareness of risks and of the damage potential presented by the human element, to information assets
  • To provide tools for establishing a reliability checks system as an integral element in the organization's recruitment process
  • To analyze and define the risks and impart questioning skills to the participant
  • To impart basic knowledge in psychopathology
  • To present decision support tools, such as the polygraph, professional opinion
  • To train the participants in carrying out a decision making process with regard to the organization roles classification and employees recruitment and management.
Course Duration 9 Days

Target Population

Corporate Human Resources managers, Security Managers, Security Officers etc.


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